Hi!  When I’m reading a blog, I always feel the need to know a little bit about the author; to see a picture and maybe get a little background about this person I’m inviting into my home through my computer screen.  To that end, here’s a little about me.  My name is Stephany Wier and like the others, I am currently a stay at home mom.  This, however, is a completely new endeavor for me.  I graduated with a degree in Economics in 2004 and not knowing what else to do, I started my fateful career as a law student.  During my first semester, in between the stress, the eye blurring case law, and the realization that I did not want to be a lawyer, I met my husband, Colin.  A year ahead of me in school, he was everything I never knew I wanted.  He was down to earth with a sense of family, a sense of humor, and he didn’t take himself too seriously.  He was and is exactly what I needed.  After he graduated, we married, and when I finished school the next year, we moved to Cincinnati where he worked in a patent law firm and I ran screaming into the finance field.  In 2010, we were blessed with our first little boy, Ian, and life has been a roller coaster of fun ever since.  He is a happy, intelligent, and oh-so-energetic little guy that keeps us on our toes.  Life is never dull with Ian around!  Then one day in 2011, Colin got a random phone call from a recruiter about a job opportunity in Houston, TX and a few months later I found myself moving 1200 miles away from my family and slowly assuming the role of a stay at home mom.  2012 brought even more good fortune our way as we were blessed with our second little boy, Declan.  He is the happiest, most good-natured, and humble little baby I have ever met.  Sometimes I feel like he smiles at me just because I need it at that precise moment!  Until recently, I had always seen myself as a successful, career driven woman trying to raise a family and have it all.  Now, I’m a stay at home mom trying to raise a family and have it all!  I hope that through this blog, I can share with you a few minutes of my day, some of my experiences, and maybe even a few laughs!

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