Book Club


Have you ever read a really good book and thought, “I wish I could talk to someone else about this!” Of course you could tell someone about it, but you don’t want to give away the ending in case they ever want to read it themselves. Plus it’s far more fun to discuss a great book with someone who has already read it than to try and explain just what was so great about it to a person who hasn’t read it.

Well, we’ve had these thoughts. One of our own Three Ladies, Stephany, recently blogged about 35 things she wanted to accomplish before she was 35. Stephany mentioned how the idea of being in a book club was exciting to her. With the wonderful suggestion of one our readers, we decided to start a virtual book club!
We’ve decided that we’re going to use the following list of criteria to run the book club:

  1. The book club will be primarily located at Facebook, occasionally we will post book reviews of our selections here.
  2. Anyone will be allowed to join the book club, but you must be approved by an admin (Either Stephany, Ashley, or Lisa). This is only so we can keep track of who joins when which is vital for book selection (see below).
  3. We will be selecting a new book every two weeks. If this becomes too much for everyone to handle, we may extend it in future. This is the goal time to get books read in, but we definitely understand how busy life can get, so don’t stress out if you can’t make the goal. Just read it in your own time and come back to the discussion once you’re finished.
  4. We will only be reading more current books. We’ve discussed it together and the general idea is that we’re not that interested in classic literature.
  5. Each member will get an opportunity to select a book. In the order they join, we will select a member every two weeks to present the group with 3 books. We will then make a poll on Facebook with those 3 books and members can pick which one of the three they’d like to read. The book that gets the most votes will win. If there is a tie, one of the Three Ladies will decide.
  6. There will be two weeks allowed to read the book, the day after the two week reading period, one of the Three Ladies will make a post on Facebook opening a discussion of the book. Members are encouraged to comment to the discussion post with their own thoughts and questions regarding the book.
  7. We will leave one day solely for discussion. The following day we will start the next book. This doesn’t mean you can only discuss the previous book for one day, you may discuss the previous book as often as you like once the discussion post has been started.
  8. On the Facebook group for the book club, you can find a calendar under the tab “files” that gives a timeline of book selection, reading window, and discussion up until August.

Now that you know what we’re about, we really hope you’ll join us. As I said, the primary location of the book club is on Facebook. The group can be found at: Three Ladies and Their Babies: The Book Club. Simply follow the link and click “join group.”