Hello, I am Ashley Rayford. I am a stay at home mom whose favorite things apart from her children and her husband are reading, baking, and traveling. I was born and raised in the great state of Michigan. Not too very long ago, on this wonderful thing we call the World Wide Web, I started chatting to the amazing, funny, kind hearted, handsome man of my dreams who just so happened to be living in England. Skip forward to the present day after many difficult days apart and three stressful visa applications, we are now happily married, residing in Leicestershire, England and raising two beautiful children. Jude is an adorable, happy, and loving strong-willed boy who was born in 2010 and Melody is a beautiful, silly, content and curious baby girl who was born in 2012. They are my world and my heart and most of what I write about will no doubt involve them, as well as the joys and difficulties of living in a foreign country and a few other day to day things that make up my life. My hope, dear reader, is that you enjoy reading about my every day domestic adventures as much as I enjoy living them.


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