Hello and welcome!  If you have stumbled upon our little blog, let us be the first to welcome you with open arms and tell you what we are all about.  As our name indicates, we are just three ladies with babies.  This is the place we have designated to talk about anything that seems noteworthy to us at the moment.  From shopping lists to crazy immigration laws to baby food, if it’s on our minds, you’re likely to find it here.  Our goal is to provide honest insight from three young moms in a guilt-free environment.  Respectful discussion of any of our topics is always welcome.  We come from a long line of talkers and we can and will spend hours discussing anything we find interesting.

We should also point out the connection that links us all together.  Lisa and Stephany are sisters and Ashley is their cousin. We share a set of truly fantastic grandparents and our parents are siblings. Lisa and Stephany grew up in Eastern Kentucky while Ashley was raised in Michigan.  Although we were about an eight hour car ride and infinitely many bathroom stops apart, we were brought up in a very close knit family and even as adults, we speak to most of our cousins (there are 16 of us) very often.  We tend to know exactly what is going on in everyone’s lives and while many people would consider this torture, to us, it’s the way of family. Beyond the genetic link, we are linked by friendship. That’s why the idea of a collaborative blog just made perfect sense for us.

To find out more about each author, please refer to our individual pages.

So now that you know us, please be sure to stop back by and see what we have to say. With such a variety of topics to discuss, we’re sure to peak your interest somehow. Also, please be sure to interact with us. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our blog and any ideas for future posts you may have. We’re excited to share our lives with you and hope you enjoy our tips, truths, and tales!


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