Happy Holidays From Three Ladies and Their Babies

Hello, readers. It’s been a pretty great year for us Three Ladies. It’s had its ups and downs like most years do, but overall we’re all extremely blessed and thankful to live the lives we do. In celebration of that, we’ve decided to take a little time for ourselves and our families around the holidays. You won’t be seeing us here until after the New Year, but we plan to come back bigger and better than ever and we hope you’ll join us.

We’ll all be celebrating Christmas in our own special way this year. Stephany and Lisa will be together at their parents’ house with Stephany leaving for her new home in England soon after. Ashley will be celebrating with her family in England. So for now we want to say whoever you are, whatever you celebrate this time of year, and wherever you’ll be, we truly wish you the happiest of holidays and a wonderful new year.

Here are a couple of fun Christmas links for you to enjoy in our absence. See you in 2014!


22 Crock Pot Christmas Recipes
(click the image to view)


38 Clever Last-Minute Christmas Hacks to Make Your Life Easier
(click the image to view)



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