Smoky Mountain Opry Christmas Show


This past weekend my husband and I had a little getaway. We left our daughter in the care of her grandparents and spent Saturday and Sunday in Pigeon Forge, TN. We’ve both been there numerous times in our lives and as such we usually end up feeling like we’ve already done it all and seen it all. So as we were wracking our brains for something Christmas themed to do, we passed a billboard advertising the Smoky Mountain Opry Christmas show. We felt pretty confident that the show would already be sold out, but just to be certain I called the ticket office and to our surprise they had two seats available for us.  So we purchased them on a hope and a prayer that it would actually be entertaining and worth the money.

It was! I absolutely recommend that anyone in the Smoky Mountain area visit this theater during the holiday season. From the second you drive up to the building you are greeted with the Christmas spirit all around. The grounds are decorated beautifully! There are giant evergreens covered in beautiful lights and a nativity scene set up in front of the entrance. Upon entering the building you are warmly greeted and they put extra effort into keeping the crowd occupied while waiting to enter the auditorium. The walls of the common area are lined with displays of country music memorabilia. Also, the particular night we were there they were showing off one of the big cats used in their regular shows. People could pet the cat and have a photo taken with it as a souvenir. In this same area is the concession bar where you can purchase various candies, popcorn, nachos, drinks and more. The concession items are rather pricey, but that just goes along with the territory of a show of this nature.

When the gates are open to enter the auditorium, each party is stopped to pose for a picture with either Santa Claus or Raggedy Ann and Andy. These pictures are brought out later in the show for purchase if you wish. Then you are ushered in to your seat. My only complaint of the entire show is that the seats are really small. You will be rubbing arms with the person next to you. In fact, my husband sat with his arm around me throughout the entire production in an effort not to be touching the person next to him. We are pretty average sized people, so this should not have been an issue.

Once the show starts it is fun from the very beginning. It begins with a laser light show and includes a juggling act, figure skating, tons of singing, dancing, comedy skits, and more. There is something for everyone in the show! The songs range from more classical Christmas carols to the fun and modern ones we hear more often now. There are constant costume and set changes. It would be impossible to get bored. I really appreciate that the producers of this show put such an effort into making the show a mix of Santa Claus and Jesus’ birth. There is a fun scene with Santa and his workshop that will bring out the child in any adult. Then, there is also a tear jerking scene of the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth that includes cast members flying out through the audience. It is beautiful!

I absolutely recommend that anyone see this show. It is well worth its price and is good clean fun for the whole family. I will certainly be seeing it again sometime. In fact, the Christmas show is such a treat, I’d like to see the regular show as well. If you’re thinking of seeing it, you can find a link to their site below.  If you’re looking for something fun to do, then check it out for sure. It would be virtually impossible to leave the show without feeling in the Christmas Spirit.


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