A Day of Defeat and Thankfulness


We all have days where everything just seems to go wrong.  These are the days where you end up wishing you had just stayed home in bed with the lights off and the blankets pulled up around you.  Healthy, sick, single, married, teenager, adult, we all end up being the bug instead of the windshield once in a while.   Friday, I had one of these days, and boy was it a whopper!

Thursday was Halloween.  After trick or treat, my three year old, Ian, had a few pieces of candy and we decided to have family movie night to give him a chance to wind down.  This is a very special event in our house because sleep is precious around here and it means that we put the baby to bed and Ian gets some alone time with mommy and daddy.  While snuggled under a blanket watching Curious George’s Halloween movie, Ian said to us in a sweet, happy voice, “I’m so glad you’re my grown-ups. I love you so much.”  I went to sleep with a heart full of joy and feeling so incredibly blessed to be the mommy of such wonderful little boys.

Fast forward through the night and I was awakened by a loud rapping on my door at 5:30 the next morning.  Ian was up and ready to go, even though he had gone to bed nearly two hours late the night before.  It did not bode well for the day.  By 6:00 a.m. he was demanding his trick or treat candy.  At 10:00 a.m. he refused to go swimming even though we were at the pool and classes were starting because I had forgotten his ear Band-It (that one was my fault).  By 10:30 he had peed in the floor at the local hair salon we had gone to for his haircut since he didn’t swim (accidents happen, of course).  By 11:00, he was standing in the middle of the hair salon in his underwear (dry underwear, I had no clean pants for him until we could get to the car) and a t-shirt screaming bloody murder for me to buy him a new toy.  A few minutes later, after I had finally managed to carry the 23 pound baby,  my 10 pound purse, and a kicking 43 pound preschooler to the car, he was running away from me through the parking lot still in his underwear.  I got him home and put him straight to bed and took a moment to breathe.  The baby and I ate lunch and he went down for a nap, too.  It was my turn and I took it.

I slept for an hour and a half and woke to the sound of my phone alerting me that I had a new e-mail from the British Consulate in New York.  Turns out they had received my visa application and I had provided the wrong return postage for the visas.  I had to fix it before they could proceed.  Cue the Mommy tears.  I was done.  

Colin came home a few hours later and we pretty much passed in the driveway.  He took care of the kids and I left for a 3 1/4 mile walk.  I needed some alone time, plain and simple.  I told him I would be home before bath time and I just walked and walked and walked until it started getting dark.  While I walked around the beautiful lake in the perfect 70 degree weather, I was able to clear my mind, readjust my mental state, and even get a little laugh over the absurdity of the day.

The point of me telling you all of this (besides to give you a bit of a chuckle over a three year old’s antics), is just to share with you my day.  All too often, we see all of the good things that people post about on Facebook or hear the exciting success stories of the day while waiting to pick our kids up from school.  I love hearing these stories.  And I love sharing them, too.  But sometimes, I really just want to know that other people have days where they melt down, too.   I especially need to hear from other mom’s sometimes.  We’re all so busy trying to be Super Mom (and go us for setting such high standards for ourselves!), but it’s nice to know that someone else has a child who behaves like a holy terror in public, even though they absolutely know better; that someone else is so tired that they make silly little mistakes, too.  If you’re in the same boat (and as I said, I suspect most of us are from time to time), know that you are not alone.  Sometimes we all just have a no-good, terrible day.  The important thing is to end the day being able to look back on it and count our blessings; to see all the things we have to be thankful for.  Friday, I was thankful for my children, but I was oh-so-thankful for my wonderful husband who came home and gave me a little reprieve.  And I was thankful it was Friday, which meant we could all have a do-over together on Saturday.  And as I kissed Ian good night and he told me that he was sorry for throwing a fit over a toy, I was thankful that even though it happened, he knew better and had apparently learned his lesson.  Sometimes, it’s the little things.  🙂


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