10 Tips for Soothing Teething Pain

This week we had a visit from the Tooth Fairy’s nasty older sibling, the Teething Fairy. Melody’s fifth and sixth teeth are coming in and they are absolute beasts. My normally happy, smiling child has turned into a drama queen of the highest order. I’m pretty sure she cried more yesterday than any other time in her 13 months of life combined. She cried so much that by the time she was in bed, I felt myself wanting a drink…And I don’t drink!

With all that in mind, and after a chat with my fellow Three Ladies about their own awful experiences, I’ve decided to share some tips to get through teething. Remember, no matter how awful it is for us as parents, it has got to be worse for the baby. I know how bad it felt when my wisdom teeth came in, so I can only imagine the pain that my otherwise sweet and happy daughter must be feeling to turn her into this crying, screaming mess.

1. Medicine. Check with your pediatrician before using, but Tylenol and Motrin can provide teething relief for baby and can also lower the fever that sometimes comes along with teething. Check the bottle to be sure of what age your child can start having these medicines.

2. Teething tablets. These are made to dissolve under baby’s tongue and provide some relief from teething. A popular brand is Hyland’s teething tablets.

41XPFQX3E9L._SY450_3. Ice. You can wrap it in a wash cloth or you can get a mesh feeder and put ice in that. Whatever you put it in, ice helps immensely because it numbs baby’s gums.

4. Liquid filled teething rings. Stick these in the refrigerator until they get nice and cold, then give them to baby to chew on.

pTRU1-16461404_alternate1_dt5. Teething jewelry. There are necklaces you can buy that are not only stylish for you to wear, but are great for baby to chew on.

6. Cold, hard veggies. If your baby is old enough, let her gnaw on a cold, hard vegetable, such as a carrot.

7. Vibrating teether. My daughter loved this! We found it at Wal-Mart. It’s shaped like a strawberry and has bumps all over it, when baby bites down on it, it vibrates to sooth the gums.

8. Baby Orajel. Baby Orajel works to numb the gums. It doesn’t last too long, but it’s good for some temporary relief and sometimes it might be just enough to help baby get back to sleep.

71no-R8f2dL._SL1500_9. Teething pacifier. Nuby makes these teething pacifiers that have bumps on them for texture and they work to massage baby’s gums while giving them the feeling of a pacifier if they’re used to that. There are different pacifiers depending on which teeth are troubling your baby.

10. Cold, wet washcloth. You can get a washcloth and run it under some cold water, then give it to baby to chew on. You could even stick it in the freezer for a bit to get it even colder.

Hopefully something on this list will help your baby during the teething process. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes nothing helps and you just have to get through it. When you’re at your wits end from listening to a screaming, crying baby all day and you feel like you hate your life in that moment or you’re going to lose your mind, try to think of how your baby must be feeling to make her act in such a way. Comfort her above all else and remember that this, too, shall pass. I promise!


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