Our Top Five Greatest Hits

Hi everyone! Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a lot of new readers here at Three Ladies and Their Babies. We just wanted to take a minute to say hello to all of the new folks and to let everyone know that we are so happy to have the opportunity to share a bit of our lives with old and new friends alike. We have been at this for seven months now and are astounded by all of the love and feedback we’ve received. From the very beginning, our mission has simply been to support one another, encourage our readers, and hopefully provide a few laughs along the way. We discuss topics ranging from child rearing, to dinner, to tax returns. Whatever is relevant in our daily lives is free game. To recap what we’ve done so far and to welcome our new followers, below are our top five posts to date.

. folder The Glamorous Life of a Doctor’s Wife

This is a great firsthand account of what it is really like to be the wife of a doctor. While it has its moments, Lisa gives us a look at what it’s really like and includes the good, the bad and the ugly.

scales of justice Oops…I Went to Law School

In this post, Stephany talks about her decision to go to law school and how it might not have been the best choice. She also provides some advice for those thinking about following the same path.

DSC05045 Cinnamon Roll Cake

Ashley gives us a fabulous recipe for Cinnamon Roll Cake that has added pounds to people everywhere and has really lit up the Pinterest boards.

blog1 Stay at Home Mom Guilt

In this post, Lisa talks about the stay at home mom guilt that many women experience when they stay at home with the children and still can’t keep it all together. This was an eye opener for many!

InternetDating Finding Love Online

In Finding Love Online, Ashley tells us about her experience with finding love online. She also provides some tips and a few words of caution to anyone currently having the same experience.

Happy reading everyone! We hope you enjoy this quick recap. Tune in tomorrow when Lisa posts about the “Momism’s” that we’ve all fallen victim to over the last few years. 🙂


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