A Review of Home Song by LaVyrle Spencer


Home Song is an emotional journey into the lives of a small town family that is tested more than they ever imagined when a long kept secret comes to light. Tom and Claire Gardner were married 17 years ago and now have two teenage children and a beautiful relationship. The night before they were married, Tom had a one night stand with a woman named Monica. He was faithful every day after that and has a wonderful relationship with his wife, Claire, but he never told her about his indiscretion and he never spoke to Monica again. Until now. 17 years later, Monica shows up again and she has a 17 year old son, Kent Arens, in tow. Tom knows right away that Kent is his son and must decide how to handle it.

Home Song is the story of his family learning of Kent Arens and, thus, Tom’s long ago infidelity and betrayal of Claire, and how they work through it together. I really enjoyed this book. It was a Three Ladies and Their Babies book club selection. I probably wouldn’t have read Home Song if it wasn’t for our book club, but I’m glad that I did. Right from the start, this book holds no punches. It sucks you in and keeps you there with the drama of Tom and his family. I felt myself rooting for Tom a lot, which went against everything I’ve always felt about cheating. I was angry with his wife at times for having the same type of feelings that I would have had if I were in her shoes. I think the audience is allowed to feel sympathy for Tom when we normally wouldn’t because we have that special insight into what he’s really thinking and feeling and we know he’s not really a bad guy, he just made one stupid mistake many years ago.

I think if you read this book, you won’t regret it. It’s a great read and it will pull you in and not let go until the very end when you find out what happens with the Gardner family. Home Song was the type of book that I was telling other people about because I needed to talk about it with someone. Don’t forget to check out Three Ladies and Their Babies: The Book Club over on Facebook if you want to get involved in our group discussions.


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