Swimming Solutions: The Ear Band-It

Greetings from Port Aransas, Texas! Colin and I packed up the kids and are on vacation for a few days. So far, we’re having a blast making sandcastles, splashing in the sun, and relaxing. Tomorrow’s agenda includes a trip to the aquarium and a stop at the famous Winton’s Candies for some sweet treats!

DSC_0059 (2)

So excited to be on vacation!

My little beach baby.  :)

My little beach baby. 🙂

I don’t want to take too much time away from the family, but I did want to take a second to tell all of you about an amazing solution I’ve found to a problem we’ve been having lately. If you have a child with ear tubes who complains about ear pain after swimming, listen up. Back in June, Ian started taking swim lessons and he has loved it. He holds his breath like a champ (his mom still has to hold her nose) and dives under the water like a fish to retrieve rings. He doesn’t even mind having the water in his eyes. The one issue we have had, however, is that after every swim lesson, he complains about his ears. He had tubes put in at 11 months and still has them (consultation coming up in a few months to see about removal). We were advised by the ENT that he can swim normally in chlorinated water, but the fact that his ears keep hurting left me looking for a solution. He isn’t even 3 1/2 and I really thought the chances that he would leave ear plugs alone were slim to none. Also, it seemed to me like they would fall out too easily given his level of activity. So, of course, I turned to the internet.

What I found was the Ear Band-It. For lack of a better description, it is a headband that is designed to go around the child’s head and hold ear plugs in place. It was specifically designed to work with Putty Buddy Earplugs, though it would really work with any plugs. The Putty Buddy Earplugs are made so that you can just mold them into the child’s ear. Once they are in, you just put the band around the child’s head and attach it with the velcro strip in the back. The Ear Band-It was $12.95 and the Putty Buddy Earplugs were only $1.95. For the first time in almost three months of swim class and a summer full of beach trips, Ian got out of the pool the first day and excitedly told me that his ears didn’t hurt! It holds the earplugs in and keeps them from moving around and he doesn’t seem to mind it at all. For us, this has been a fabulous combination and I wanted to pass it on to you in case you are having a similar issue. I just wish I had found them back in May! Both the Band-It and the plugs can be found here in assorted colors and sizes. Happy swimming everybody!

Wearing his Band-It just before the beginning of his swim lesson.

Wearing his Band-It just before the beginning of his swim lesson.


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