Homemade Blueberry Jam

I recently posted a recipe for strawberry jam and black raspberry jam. My husband and I have discovered that we really enjoy canning jams. It’s a great way to use those in season berries and it’s something that we really love doing together. Plus, who doesn’t love having that sort of treat around!? More recently, we made blueberry jam. This one might just be my new favorite. This is the recipe if you’d like to try your hand at making your own:


  • 6 cups blueberries, washed and picked over
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 4 cups sugar
  • 1 pouch (3 ounces) liquid fruit pectin
  • ~ 8 pint jars
blueberryjam 005

1. Begin by washing the berries and removing the stems.

blueberryjam 003

2. Pour blueberries into a dish and mash.

blueberryjam 010

3. Combine berries, sugar, and lemon juice.

blueberryjam 013

4. Stirring constantly, bring to a rolling boil which cannot be stirred down.

blueberryjam 017

5. Immediately add the pouch of fruit pectin. Stirring constantly, bring back to the boil and continue boiling for 1 minute.

blueberryjam 014

6. Skim off any excess foam that forms.


7. Ladle the hot berry mixture into the jars. Wipe off any spills around the lid and then tighten the lids down.


8. Gently place jars into a boiling bath. Be sure that the water is at least an inch above the lids. Boil for 10 minutes and then gently remove and place on a towel to dry and seal.

9. Leave the jars to cool and enjoy listening for the "pop" of the cans sealing.

9. Leave the jars to cool and enjoy listening for the “pop” of the cans sealing.


Making jams is rather easy and not very time consuming. Allow yourself an hour from start to finish and with just that short of time, you’ll have jam to enjoy for a year. It’s well worth the time and effort when you spread the treat onto a biscuit and enjoy!

I hope you’ll love this recipe as much as we do! As for me, I will see you all in two weeks. I’m vacationing next week and will be taking the week off from Three Ladies and Their Babies, but like always, you’ll be hearing from Ashley and Steph!


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