Big Deals for Your Little Ones

My life has been changed. I mean completely changed. The Fisher Price Laugh and Learning Home Play set is the reason. This new addition to our home came at the cost of only $8.00 from a local yard sale! The toy has been like a baby sitter that we’ve had hired for weeks and the only cost was a mere 8 bucks total. It is in perfect condition. Toys R’ Us is selling the toy new at $89.99. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a pretty big win to me! This is only one of many great deals we’ve landed for our little one at yard sales and consignment shops. Having a kid doesn’t always have to break the bank. There are ways to pinch pennies and still have nice things.


This is the Fisher Price Laugh and Learning Home Play Set that we landed for only 8 bucks! It’s $89.99 if purchased new.

While I was pregnant, I constantly kept an eye out for yard sales and consignment sales. Just before we found out the gender of our baby, my community had a neighborhood wide yard sale. I was in pure heaven! I looked through totes upon totes of my neighbors’ previously used baby clothes. After visiting many houses, I came home with nearly thirty outfits for baby ranging in size from newborn to 12 months. I bought both boy clothes and girl clothes. I had several relatives and friends who were also expecting, so I knew I’d just keep the clothes for the gender of the baby I was having and give the others away. Buying gently used baby clothes at these sorts of sales is the way to go. Babies outgrow their clothing so quickly that they usually don’t even have time to stain or stretch them. And most sellers are usually willing to part with outfits for a couple bucks at most.  More recently, my mother and I stumbled upon a Tummy to Teen consignment sale. We spent a couple hours browsing. My mom purchased a few outfits for all seven of her grandchildren, a couple sets of crib sheets, and some toys to keep at her house for when the children visit for around $100. The same products new would have easily been over $250.

Not only can you find great deals on clothing, but also those items that make life with baby easier, like play pens, strollers, high chairs and the like. We were able to score a play pen without a single stain for only $20 at a local yard sale. We took that play pen to my husband’s parents’ home for our daughter to sleep in when we visit. Around the same time, we also bought a used high chair for $20 as well. Buying these big ticket items at sales will save you big money!

Now let’s talk toys.  My in-laws can spot toys at yard sales and get the best deals out there. Not only did they get the toy house for only $8, but they also purchased a large slide for only $20. It’s the “Little Tikes Slide and Climb Castle” which is selling for $70 new on! That’s not even all. They also landed a Little Tikes picnic table for only $20.  Another great find that has proven golden for us was the Vtech Sit to Stand Dancing Tower. It’s selling new for nearly $40 and we got it for only $6.


The Little Tikes Slide and Climb Castle is $70.00 new. We got it for $20.00!


This is the Vtech Sit to Stand Dancing Tower. It’s selling new for nearly $40 and we got it for only $6.

These are just a few examples of the great deals and finds we have scored. These are not unique either. They’re out there if you’ll only look. If you’re shopping on a budget, then these types of sales are the way to go. If you’re buying clothing items, then bring them home and throw them in the wash. If it’s toys you’re purchasing, a little Clorox water and a quick scrubbing will have the items as good as new.  Having a baby does not have to break the bank. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t be afraid to negotiate either. Most people who are having a sale just want to get rid of their stuff. Just because they say an item is a certain price doesn’t mean they won’t take less.  Good luck and happy deal hunting to you!


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