A Review of Summer Sisters by Judy Blume


Summer Sisters was our book club’s fourth selection. It is the story of Victoria (Vix) and Caitlin, two friends with two very different personalities; Caitlin is the popular girl and Vix is the shy one. When Caitlin invites Vix to spend the summer with her and her dad on Martha’s Vineyard, Vix can’t believe her luck. That summer kick starts Vix and Caitlin’s friendship and from that moment on they’re “summer sisters,” spending every summer together with Caitlin’s father and brother. We’re taken along with them on their turbulent friendship from the 70’s to the 90’s and as they have their ups and downs, they always remain friends.

I had heard this book’s title several times before it was actually chosen for our book club, but I didn’t know anything about it apart from that. I was excited to read it because I knew a few people who really enjoyed it. This story pulled me in right from the start. It’s told over chapters of years and from different character perspectives throughout. We get to see Vix and Caitlin become friends, grow up together, discover their sexuality, suffer losses, experience love and life changes and how all of those things affect their friendship.

I had a hard time putting this book down and read it in two days. I think most girls will be able to relate to this story in some way, whether it’s with Vix or with Caitlin. Summer Sisters ignites a variety of reactions throughout, from happiness, to sadness, to frustration and anger. It left me wanting to read more of Judy Blume’s books that are aimed at an older audience. If you think this sounds like your type of book and you’re thinking of reading Summer Sisters, go for it! I don’t think you’ll regret it.


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