She’s Come Undone Review


She’s Come Undone is the story of Dolores Price, a misguided child who grows into a reckless and depressed teenager and adult. It is a coming of age story that follows her through major life events; death, divorce, mental illness, sexual abuse and so much more. Dolores must learn to live in a world that she feels is out to get her. She is a character that won’t soon be forgotten.

As for my opinion of the book, I would rate it as a 3 out of 5 stars.  It’s a story that brings in a multitude of issues that Dolores must deal with and she does so in rather unconventional ways, which for me made it a bit overwhelming. However, Dolores always keeps the reader guessing on how she’ll react next, so that aspect kept my attention. Dolores Price meets some rather interesting characters in her journey from childhood to adulthood. The people each play an intricate role in her transformation from an insecure and troubled teen to a recovering and more secure adult. I don’t regret reading this book; I would certainly recommend others give it a try. For me it was enlightening to read and understand a little more about mental illness. And as I’ve said, Dolores is a character that will go with you always.

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