25 Things to Know About Me – Stephany’s Version

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had fun with our 25 things about me posts. First Lisa shared some things about herself and then last week was Ashley’s post. Now it’s my turn to share a few things about myself. Hope you aren’t bored to tears!

1. When I was eight, Santa brought me a pet Cockatiel named Charlie. When I was ten, I had him out playing with him and he flew up to the top of the window in my bedroom. I climbed up to retrieve him, putting one foot on my nightstand and one foot on my bed. Needless to say, I fell and landed on my bedside lamp. It resulted in 36 stitches and one whopper of a scar just under my right knee.

2. I am not a TV person. I’ve tried to be, but no matter how interesting the show or how short the program is, I just cannot sit still and watch TV. I find myself getting up to clean or reading something. My thoughts just end up drifting in a completely different direction.

3. I love to bake. I’ve mentioned this in a few of my earlier posts, but it feels noteworthy since it’s such an important hobby for me. I just wish I had someone besides my family to feed everything to!

4. I’ve had the same two best friends since…well, forever. Michele is my cousin and is four days older than me and I met Amanda in kindergarten. We went all the way through school together, even college. In high school, we were often referred to as the “Kimper Clan,” a reference to our elementary school and the fact that while we had lots of friends, the three of us were always the closest. We have been through divorces, babies, deaths, weddings, vacations, and everything else together. Though the miles separate us now, with Amanda in Tennessee, Michele in Kentucky, and me in Texas, we are still very close and talk weekly.

Me and the gals in Jamaica.

Me and the gals in Jamaica.

5. I am two classes away from an English degree to go along with my Economics degree. I double majored throughout my first 2 ½ years in college. It occurred to me sometime toward the end of my Sophomore year, however, that if I dropped the English major, I could graduate with my bachelor’s degree in 3 ½ years instead of 4. I went for it and graduated in December, leaving me with an entire semester to sit out and work full time while waiting for law school to start.

6. My favorite musicians are the Dave Matthews Band, Frank Sinatra, and Nina Simone, in that order. I can sit and listen to them for hours and not get bored. I don’t even always hear the words, but I love the music and find it soothing. I credit them and Colin for getting me through law school with my sanity intact. 🙂

The next DMB concert is next Friday! I'm excited!

The next DMB concert is next Friday! I’m excited!

7. I really enjoy cleaning. Weird, I know. I enjoy the organization of it and the instant gratification of seeing everything nice and sparkly. I do not, however, enjoy cleaning everything five times while the kids are behind me making new messes. Kinda takes away the reward of seeing it clean! Good thing the kiddos are worth it!

8. I have terrible eyesight and I’ve worn glasses or contacts since I was seven. I can vividly remember the day I got my glasses and the drive home. I was able to see things I had never seen before; the details in the leaves and trees, road signs, even different parts of the car interior. I cannot imagine what life must have been like before glasses and contacts were so readily available.

9. I have an insatiable sweet tooth. If it were possible to live only on sweet treats and desserts without becoming the size of a house, I could do it. I’ve heard people say things like, “It’s so rich you can only eat a little,” and “It’s just a little too sweet.” Never once in my life have I ever agreed with them.

10. Once, while studying for the bar exam, I stopped at a gas station to get a pack of gum. I had only $3.00 in cash. I bought the gum, and a $2.00 Wheel of Fortune lottery ticket. That scratch off ticket won $100!

11. I am an autocorrect nightmare. I can type on a keyboard and on my iPhone with almost dizzying speed. I cannot, however, do it correctly. On top of that, I almost always hit send before taking time to reread and correct what I’ve messed up. Fellow Three Ladies author, Ashley, teases me that she’s waiting for one of my messages to be so bad that she can send it in to be aired on the Ellen show.

12. My pet peeve is a dirty floor. I’m not a clean freak and I never really care what other people’s houses look like, but I absolutely cannot stand it when my floors get dirty. There is nothing worse than stuff sticking to me feet when I walk through a room and I pull out the broom at least twice a day around here. This is a terrible pet peeve to be plagued with when you have a pre-schooler!

13. For a long time, I had a very bad record with cars. I had my first accident when I was seventeen and had four more in relatively quick succession. Only two of these were my fault. Both of those occurred when I rear-ended the car in front of me. The other four were the fault of the other drivers. I also once watched my car get hit by a water delivery truck while parked in front of the office where I was working. Another time, I came out of WalMart to find that my entire door had been caved in when someone hit me in the parking lot and didn’t stop to leave a note. I’ve also been hit twice in parking garages when the people were nice enough to leave a note with their apologies and their phone numbers. Luckily, I’m about eight years out from my most recent incident (knocking on wood) and I’m hoping it stays that way.

14. Colin and I started talking about marriage approximately two weeks after our first date. Crazy, right?! We waited until he graduated about a year and a half later to actually get married, but we both knew pretty much from the beginning where we were headed. I’ve always joked that it took a lot of duds to get to Colin, but it just meant that I knew he was the one when I found him.

About two months into our relationship.  Hard to believe we will have been married for six years this Sunday!

About two months into our relationship. Hard to believe we will have been married for six years this Sunday!

15. I feel like I have to throw this one in since Ashley and Lisa both mentioned it in their 25 things post and it’s a genetic trait that we all share. I have disproportionately large arms. Even at my skinniest, my arms were too big for my body. It’s a trait that comes directly from our grandmother and can be very easily traced throughout the women in our family. 🙂

16. I love Christmas. It’s only May and I’m ready for Christmas again already. I cannot wait until after Halloween when I can start getting into Thanksgiving and Christmas. If I REALLY push myself, I can make it to November 1st before busting out the Christmas tunes, but I must admit I find myself singing them to the kids while I’m rocking them in the middle of spring and summer. It just happens. I am one of those people that others complain about when they talk about people who push the holiday season.

The year before last, we had a trio of Christmas trees, because why not?!

The year before last, we had a trio of Christmas trees, because why not?!

17. I love to organize. I really feel accomplished when everything is in its place and I know exactly where I can go to get it. My pantry typically has all of the canned food items lined up in rows according to the type of food. For example, all I have to do is open the door to know that I have three cans of black beans left and don’t need to buy anymore at the store. It saves so much time and besides that, I just like the satisfaction of the neatness.

18. I use Excel excessively. I can tell you pretty much every bill I’ve paid since we got married. I also keep my bank balances to the penny using it. I have charts and graphs and pivot tables and all kinds of other nerdy stuff. I can tell you how much our gas bill was in May of 2008 and how much I paid for a haircut in June 2010. Yeah. It’s that sad.

19. I love my car. When I was growing up, my parents got a new car every couple of years and I always just assumed that I would do the same. Colin comes from a family who keep their cars until they die. So when we bought our first new car together after the transmission in his old one went out at 175,000 miles, I figured we were really in for a struggle to find a car philosophy that we could agree on. Nope. We bought a 2010 Nissan Murano. We decided to spend a little more to get just what we wanted, paying extra for leather seats and the other bells and whistles, but every time I get in, I love it all over again. Even with the dents in the door and a couple of stains in the backseat floorboard, I still have no desire to trade it in.

20. I have two recurring dreams. The first started soon after my sister was born when I was five. I was so excited that we were going to get to share a room. Her crib was on one side of the bedroom and my bed on the other side in a corner. In my dream, the crib mattress suddenly flies out of her bed, across the room and pushes me up against the wall while I’m sleeping. I always fall into the crack between my bed and the wall just as I am waking up. In the second dream, there is always an emergency of some sort and I am forced to drive someone to the hospital back home in Eastern Kentucky. The catch is that in my dream, I have no idea how to drive and have never been behind the wheel. It is always very stressful.

21. Growing up I was a Wizard of Oz fanatic. I don’t think it is a stretch to say that for a few years straight I watched it at least a couple of times a month. I’m no longer quite so captivated by it, though it does always bring back some wonderful memories of my childhood.

22. Before starting law school, I lost 60 pounds on Weight Watchers. I kept it off for about three years and then slowly it started to creep back up. I am 17 pounds into my newest Weight Watchers membership and am determined that I will lose the weight before getting pregnant again.

23. My biggest hobby is reading and really always has been. I can remember in high school lying in my bed at 2 am reading and knowing that the next day was going to be really hard because I was going to be so tired. I still have the same problem except that with two little ones, exhaustion usually takes over long before 2 am!

24. I once got lost in downtown Flint, Michigan, also known as the number one city in the United States for violent crime. I was with my cousin, Randa (Ashley’s sister), and we had just left a wedding where we had been taking care of the kids that Randa regularly babysat for. A few wrong turns and we were very lost in a very rough part of town close to midnight. At one point, while stopped at a red light, a man walked in front of the car carrying a baseball bat. He looked directly at us through the windshield and kept on walking. We should have run that light. Any cop that stopped us could have shown us the way home! I don’t remember how we eventually got straightened out, but we were super glad to make it out of there safely.

25. Colin and I got engaged in a beautiful little town in Scotland called Thurso while standing in the ruins of an old dilapidated church that dates back to 1220. We had gone to Scotland to visit his parents who were living there at the time so that I could meet his dad. (I had met his mom right after we got together before she made the move to Scotland.) The proposal was perfect and he took me so off guard down on his knee, that the first thing out of my mouth was, “Are you serious?!” He had actually managed to surprise me even though I knew it was coming. On the way home, the car that we had borrowed from his mom broke down and since there was nothing but sheep and clean air around and our cell phones didn’t work in extreme northern Scotland, we were forced to walk the two miles back to his mom and dad’s house. It was perfect!

Right after he proposed.  :)

Right after he proposed. 🙂

Walking away from the car in disgust...lol.

Walking away from the car in disgust…lol.

These are just a few things who make up who I am.  I hope you’ve been entertained. Happy Friday, readers!


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