25 Things to Know About Me – Ashley’s Version

Hello readers. As you probably saw last week, Lisa shared 25 things about herself. It’s my turn to tell you 25 things about me. I hope you enjoy learning more about me. I feel like an open book most of the time so these were pretty hard to come up with!

  1. I once held a human heart. You all know that my fellow Three Ladies writer, Lisa, is married to Brian, who is a doctor. When Brian was in medical school, I was lucky enough to be in town during an open family night where family members were invited to come see what the medical students were up to. Brian had been working with cadavers at the time and I was fascinated to see human organs firsthand. That was the night I got to hold a human heart.
  2. I hate beef. I guess as time has gone on that’s not entirely true. I once hated beef. Now it’s narrowed down to steak and hamburgers. I like hamburgers if the patty is very thin, but not otherwise.
  3. I’m a published poet. My maternal grandmother passed away when I was a toddler and I have no memories of her. When I was a teenager I wrote a poem about her. It was published in a book of poems. Apparently this company published pretty much anyone who submitted a poem, but at the time I thought I was a pretty big deal.
  4. i8j5FD.tmpI graduated with honors and special recognition from my college. I got a plaque with my degree info on it and the words “Honor Graduate 2008”. They chose one person from each program to receive the plaque. I was touched and honored that out of all the students I was the one they chose, but if I’m being completely honest, I was also a little bummed out that I didn’t get to sit with my fellow students at graduation and instead had to sit in the front few rows with people I didn’t know.
  5. I loved being pregnant so much with my first child that I was worried I’d never feel ready to stop having babies and even considered looking into becoming a surrogate. I would often say that I didn’t understand why other women complained about being pregnant. My second pregnancy showed me why other women complained. I was miserably sick every single day of my second pregnancy. The only food that didn’t make me sick was french fries and the only thing that had even the tiniest hope of alleviating my nausea was the smell of burning matches. I was so sick I lost 50 pounds during the pregnancy. That, coupled with the two wonderful children I was blessed to bring into this world, has helped me feel certain that I am perfectly content with only having two babies.


    Chris and I being silly when I was pregnant with Jude.

  6. I wanted to be a photographer for years growing up. I eventually decided not to pursue photography as a career, I worried that if I did it all the time for money I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. Now my photography is mainly of my kids and I still love it as much as I ever did, but I think I made the right choice.
  7. Instead of photography, I decided to study to become a medical assistant. I spent a year and a half going through a two year program to get my Associate’s degree and it was only when I did my externship at the end that I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I was going to become an administrative medical assistant instead, but then I found Chris, moved to England, got married, had a baby, and decided to be a stay at home mom instead. I’m glad I have my degree to fall back on if I ever need to.
  8. When I was about three years old, I was almost kidnapped. My mom and I were out shopping at Value City in Flint. My mom put me in the back passenger side seat and then went around to the driver’s side. As she was getting in the car, a man came up and tried to yank the door open out of her hand. My mom managed to get the door shut and speed away. She said she’s not sure where the strength to overpower him came from, but she can only assume what they say about superhuman strength in times of peril is true. I can only imagine what would have happened to me had he succeeded. Scary thought!!
  9. I hit a deer with my car once. I was driving to my brother’s house and I was driving down a road that was pretty well populated with houses. It was nowhere you’d expect to see a deer. One came running out between two houses and I didn’t have time to stop. It hit the corner of my car, bounced up onto my windshield, shattering it, and then bounced off my windshield and into a ditch. The people living in the house near where it happened came out to help me after they heard my screams. All the neighbors came out to have a look after that and one man asked me if he could keep the dead deer. I let him.
  10. I love playing hide and seek in the dark. I’m nearly thirty years old and I still love a good game of hide and seek in the dark even though I haven’t played in about five years. I look forward to a time when my son is no longer afraid of the dark and will want to play with me. 🙂
  11. Like Lisa mentioned on her list, I also suffer from disproportionately large arms. It’s a family trait passed down from my father’s family. It doesn’t matter how much weight we may lose, we’ll always have large upper arms!
  12. When I was around two or three years old I got a piece of hard candy from one of my cousins and accidentally sucked it down my throat. My dad put me over his knee and beat on my back until it came out. I don’t remember it, I only know the story, but if it hadn’t been for my dad I could have choked to death.
  13. I’m addicted to nasal spray. To the endless amusement of some of my friends and family. I’ve been addicted to it for many years, I’d say at least ten, but probably more. Luckily I use a generic kind that doesn’t have a lot of medicine in it so I don’t suffer from nose bleeds…yet.
  14. Aside from having a sip of wine or champagne to try it, I’ve never had any alcohol. People are usually IMG_0773stunned by that, but I’ve never had any desire to drink. I don’t mind if other people drink, I just figure I don’t need another fattening habit in my life, especially one that will end up making me sick and most likely forgetful. Also, I do enough embarrassing things in life without adding public intoxication to the list, haha.
  15. I can twist my arm around so my inner elbow is lined up with the top of my hand. This has always grossed people out for some reason.
  16. I broke my leg in a trampoline accident when I was a teenager. I had to have surgery to have a screw inserted in my knee to hold the bones together. I tore a ligament as well, which still bothers me today in bad weather or if I walk a great distance. I can’t bend that leg as much as my other one. I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I see people with trampolines. I’m sure I annoy people with that, but I feel like I have to warn them. When we had our trampoline I always thought the chances of being one of those who suffered a major injury on it were pretty slim. Those nets that they put around the trampoline now? Not very helpful. I broke my leg by falling ON the trampoline. My brother was jumping on it with me and he bounced up as I came back down from a bounce and the impact of the trampoline bouncing up from his jump to hit my feet as I came down was too much and it snapped my leg. That day and the days following the surgery, when I would wake up in the morning practically screaming from the pain, were some of the most painful days of my life.
  17. 198985_503562546293_7133_n

    Nicole and I when we she was a bridesmaid and I was maid of honor in my cousin Samantha’s wedding.

    I’ve been best friends with Nicole since we were about 13 years old. We went to the same school from the start and knew of each other the whole time. I remember when I saw her in kindergarten or first grade, I thought she looked like a brat so I didn’t bother trying to be her friend. Turns out I was probably the brat for judging her that way because for whatever reason, we became fast friends in 8th grade and she hasn’t been able to get rid of me since! We make sure to have a phone conversation every Friday and usually more in between. She has a daughter not much younger than my son, and she’ll soon have a son not much younger than my daughter. We are different people, but we respect each other’s beliefs and opinions and I think that’s important for a friendship to survive. I’m extremely thankful to have Nicole in my life.

  18. For years, I was obsessed with the country singer Alan Jackson. I’d say my obsession probably
    Wearing an Alan Jackson t-shirt when I was a kid.

    Wearing an Alan Jackson t-shirt when I was a kid.

    started when I was five and lasted until I was well into my teenage years, probably close to twenty, although the older I got the less obsessed I was, seeming more like a normal fan than a crazed lunatic. My parents took me to several of his concerts. When I was about twelve I used to say my fondest wish was for me to magically get a little older and him to magically get a little younger so we could meet in the middle, fall in love, and get married. Go figure I ended up marrying someone twenty two years older than me (though he’s certainly no singer, hah)!

  19. I love Phantom of the Opera! I’ve seen the show several times. I’ve lost count how many times, but more than 10 for sure. I’ve even seen it in three different countries (USA, England, and Canada). I’ve met a few of the Phantoms after the show and my favorite Phantom, by far, is Brad Little. I have the 50th Anniversary DVD of it now so I can watch it whenever I want. I only love the live musical of Phantom, I do not like the movie with Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum.
  20. I already mentioned my love of photography. I don’t think you can have a love of photography without loving to look back through old pictures. Along with old pictures, I also love watching old home movies. It’s one of my favorite things to do on a lazy Sunday. When I was a kid I would call them “Tapes of Us” and I believe I even labeled a couple of my parents’ videos that way.
  21. I love being outside. I suffer from allergies which is something I can thank my mom for, but I still love being outside. One thing I seriously took for granted before I moved to England was having a big yard. We have no front yard here and our back yard is a tiny square of concrete. Most houses in the city are like that. The only way you can hope for much land is to move out in the villages and have a lot of money. Those are my observations about Leicestershire, anyway. I’m sure it’s not like that everywhere.
  22. I can’t diet. I’ve tried numerous times and I always fail. I’ve decided to stop dieting. Instead, I make gradual changes to my overall diet. I started this before I got pregnant with Melody and then it came to an abrupt halt. I only recently started it again. First I replaced pop with water, second I replaced french fries with broccoli (or other veggies), third I stopped eating Pringles (I was seriously eating about a can of Pringles a day when I was at my worst). My goal here is not necessarily to lose weight, although that would be excellent, but to maintain and not gain any more weight. Doing it this way makes it a lifestyle change rather than a temporary diet that I can’t wait to stop. I still get to eat things I enjoy and I don’t go hungry so there’s not a lot of temptation to quit.
  23. When I was 21 I won over $100 on a Game Show Network game show called PlayMania where you were supposed to call in to answer the question and you were played live on air. The questions were usually incredibly simple, the challenge was actually getting through to them because there were hundreds of other callers. It aired late at night and my mom and I would watch together. I got through twice. Once I won $100 and I think the other time I won $60.
  24. I dropped out of high school at the end of my freshman year. I was sick a lot through middle school with throat problems and stomach issues. Looking back I’m sure I was sick to my stomach that much because I was bullied a lot and therefore I was nervous about attending school. They felt like real illnesses though and I went through extensive testing to find out what the problem was. I ended up missing so much when I had my knee surgery from my trampoline accident that my parents and I decided it would be better for me to drop out and continue with homeschooling instead. I was home schooled through a small private school for about a year and then because of problems with the teachers there I dropped out of that as well with a plan to get my GED instead. When I turned eighteen I got a job at a factory and decided not to get my GED. Within two years of working at this factory I realized there was no way I could do that the rest of my life and be happy so I got my GED (after much agonizing over it. I passed the first time, so all my nerves were for nothing), quit my job, and went to college!
  25. Chris was the first serious boyfriend I’ve ever had. I had been on a few dates with other guys before finding Chris, I went through heartbreak a time or two (although looking back, those were just teenage crushes, nothing like the love I felt when I found Chris), but nothing serious. Chris gave me my first real kiss. I don’t regret not having more relationships in my past, I love where I’ve ended up in my life and wouldn’t change a single thing!

Well there are a few of the things that make up who I am. I hope you enjoyed reading them. Tune in next Friday for Stephany’s list!


6 thoughts on “25 Things to Know About Me – Ashley’s Version

  1. Very interesting! My Mom can do the thing with her elbow/arm, too. I can bend my fingers sideways. It always makes people think I’m snapping my fingers in half. Yuck, I know…lol.

    I also got choked on a piece of hard candy when I was a kid. I was 7 years old and it was a Brachs Cinnamon Disk. My cousin James who was in high school did the heimlich and I haven’t had a piece of cinnamon hard candy since. That’s right, 23 years later, no cinnamon hard candy for me. I’m not tempting fate twice. Too bad it wasn’t chocolate or cheese…lol.

    • That’s funny, Lori! Maybe it’s a family thing, hah. The finger thing sounds very strange! You’ll have to show me sometime if we ever meet in person again.

      How scary. I don’t blame you. I don’t remember my choking incident and I’m not sure if anybody even remembers what I choked on, so I don’t have to give up any good candy 😉

  2. I also knew most, if not all, of those things, but it was a fun read! You might not be excited to see Amelia’s trampoline when you visit this summer. Hopefully we’ll also have a swing set by then & we’ll just keep the kids off of the trampoline! 🙂 oh, and I totally forgot about that PlayMania show!!

    • I’ll spare you the lecture since you’ve read this 😉 Haha. I forgot about that show too until I was trying to come up with things for this list!

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