Ian’s Birth Story

So I’m a few days late on my usual Friday post, but I have a couple of reasons. As you probably read on Ashley’s update post a few days ago, Lisa had an accident Tuesday morning that left her immobilized for a few days. Luckily I was in KY and able to help out (more on her fall in a later post). That meant taking care of her and Ms. Lilly, along with my two boys, for a few days. Naturally, that was a full time job and left little time to prepare a blog post. Also, my little guy is turning three today and Friday was spent preparing for his birthday party on Saturday. In light of his birthday today, I thought it would be a good time to share his birth story.

After two years of marriage, Colin and I decided we wanted to have a baby in July of 2009 and I quit taking my pills. We went to Jamaica with friends, hoping it would be our last pre-baby vacation.


We found out I was pregnant on August 8th and were given a due date of April 17th. I had only been off of the pill for three weeks. We were shocked that it happened so quickly, but we were ecstatic!

At my first OB appointment, my doctor did an ultrasound and we were able to see our little bean for the first time. I can remember lying there with tears rolling down my face after hearing his little heartbeat for the first time. I was unable to fully grasp at the moment that that little heartbeat would become my whole world, but I knew it was something special. Based on his measurements at that time, my due date was moved up to April 12th. He was already looking big!

I was fortunate to have a very easy pregnancy with Ian. I had no morning sickness; only one bout of vomiting brought on by the smell of the flamingos at the Cincinnati zoo. I felt great the entire time and by my 20 week appointment, I had not gained any weight. I was eating healthier and feeling better than I had before I was pregnant. At my 20 week, I had another ultrasound to check for any problems with the baby. We were able to see his heart and brain and he actually looked like a real baby. Everything looked perfect! It was also at this point that we found out we were having a boy. We left the doctor’s office that day and went straight to Babies R Us to by a few little boy clothes. We were so happy!


The rest of the second trimester passed easily, much as the first had. I still hadn’t gained any weight, but I was getting huge! By 25 weeks, I looked like I was at least 32 weeks pregnant. It was at my 28 week appointment that my doctor really started taking note of how big I was getting. When we went in for that routine appointment, I measured a whopping five weeks ahead of schedule. To make sure all was well, she decided to do another ultrasound. Luckily, the baby looked fine, but he was definitely a big boy. 🙂


My third trimester is when I finally started gaining weight. I gained 25 pounds with Ian and pretty much all of it came in the last eight weeks. By the time I hit the 38 week mark, I was miserable. My maternity clothes were even too small, I was still working every day, and the usual pregnancy symptoms of back pain and sleepless nights were definitely present. At my 38 week appointment, I was already dilated to two and I went home and started walking every evening in hopes of getting things started. Every day, I would go to work and my coworkers would walk by my desk just to see if I was still there. I was. None of us could believe that I still hadn’t had him.

At my 39 week appointment, I was dilated to three and my doctor was starting to worry about the size of the baby and my chances for an uncomplicated birthing process. She sent me for yet another ultrasound and scheduled an induction for two days later if I hadn’t had him by then. At that ultrasound, he measured 10 pounds and 5 oz. I’m not going to lie. At this point, I was starting to get nervous!

On April 7th, I showed up at the hospital at 6 a.m. ready to get things rolling. They took me to a room, put me in a bed, and proceeded to spend the next few hours just trying to get an IV hooked up so they could start the pitocin to get the contractions going. I have terrible veins. They do their job nicely, but seem to have a problem when someone tries to stick a needle in them. Finally, after 2 1/2 hours and a lot of numbing medicine, they called the anesthesiologist. He was finally able to get the IV. By this point, another doctor from the practice I had been going to came in to check on things. He had just reviewed the ultrasound and to my horror told me that that he was glad the pitocin hadn’t yet been started because he really thought I needed to have a C-section due to the size of the baby. He performed a pelvic exam, explained the risks of both a C-section and a vaginal birth and left it up to me, only saying that if i went forward with a vaginal delivery, i would most likely end up in a c-section situation anyway. I bawled like a baby. In hindsight, I wish I had still tried to have a vaginal delivery, but at the time, I was just too scared that something would happen to Ian. So I signed all of the papers and at 3:30 I was wheeled into the operating room, having never even had a recognizable contraction.

At 4:00 pm on the dot, Ian was born. He was absolutely perfect, weighing in at an even 9 pounds and 21 inches long. My heart was gone in that moment.



People say that your life is forever changed when you have a child and you always know that it must be true. Until I’d been through it, though, I didn’t really grasp the enormity of that statement. You’re with that child 100%, even when you aren’t physically with them. The thought of life without them is heart stopping and gut wrenching. They bring an entirely new complexity to your life that you never could have imagined. I stopped living for myself that day and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My happiest moments have been at the hands of my little Ian. He’s a funny, charming, precocious three year old and his smile and energy light up my world. I feel so incredibly blessed that I get to be his Mommy and I thank God for making him mine.

Happy Birthday, Baby. Mommy loves you!



2 thoughts on “Ian’s Birth Story

  1. Love your story! From the time of Jamie’s first birthday…I have told each of my kids their “birth” story…they loved when they were little. And now they tease me about telling them their story…I think they still love it! I know I do!!

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