Hello and welcome!  If you have stumbled upon our little blog, let us be the first to welcome you with open arms and tell you what we are all about.  As our name indicates, we are just three ladies with babies.  This is the place we have designated to talk about anything that seems noteworthy to us at the moment.  From shopping lists to crazy immigration laws to baby food, if it’s on our minds, you’re likely to find it here.  Our goal is to provide honest insight from three young moms in a guilt-free environment.  Respectful discussion of any of our topics is always welcome.  We come from a long line of talkers and we can and will spend hours discussing anything we find interesting.

We should also point out the connection that links us all together.  Lisa and Stephany are sisters and Ashley is their cousin. We share a set of truly fantastic grandparents and our parents are siblings. Lisa and Stephany grew up in Eastern Kentucky while Ashley was raised in Michigan.  Although we were about an eight hour car ride and infinitely many bathroom stops apart, we were brought up in a very close knit family and even as adults, we speak to most of our cousins (there are 16 of us) very often.  We tend to know exactly what is going on in everyone’s lives and while many people would consider this torture, to us, it’s the way of family. Beyond the genetic link, we are linked by friendship. That’s why the idea of a collaborative blog just made perfect sense for us.

And now, to introduce the three authors!


My name is Lisa Daniels. I’m from the beautiful Appalachian mountains of Eastern Kentucky but am currently “hanging my hat in Tennessee.” I live in Bristol, TN with my wonderful husband Brian, our precious baby girl Lillian, and our two obnoxious basset hounds Sophie and Copper. As for what sent my family south, that would be my husband’s career. He is a physician specializing in family medicine and is completing residency here. As such, I spend my time playing the role of his wife and support system along with raising and loving our sweet little daughter. I’m a stay at home mommy and am so thankful for that blessing. My hobbies and interests include all things Appalachian, researching my ancestry, making homemade baby food, fishing, traveling, education (I’m a non working teacher), music, movies, pregnancy and childbirth, and researching ways to help Lilly grow and develop. I aspire to one day write and publish children’s books. To sum myself up, I’m a lover and a nourisher. I believe that I was put on this Earth to love my family and take care of them and doing just that gives me more joy than anything else possibly could.


Hello, I am Ashley Rayford. I am a stay at home mom whose favorite things apart from her children and her husband are reading, baking, and traveling. I was born and raised in the great state of Michigan. Not too very long ago, on this wonderful thing we call the World Wide Web, I started chatting to the amazing, funny, kind hearted, handsome man of my dreams who just so happened to be living in England. Skip forward to the present day after many difficult days apart and three stressful visa applications, we are now happily married, residing in Leicestershire, England and raising two beautiful children. Jude is an adorable, happy, and loving strong-willed boy who was born in 2010 and Melody is a beautiful, silly, content and curious baby girl who was born in 2012. They are my world and my heart and most of what I write about will no doubt involve them, as well as the joys and difficulties of living in a foreign country and a few other day to day things that make up my life. My hope, dear reader, is that you enjoy reading about my every day domestic adventures as much as I enjoy living them.


Hi!  When I’m reading a blog, I always feel the need to know a little bit about the author; to see a picture and maybe get a little background about this person I’m inviting into my home through my computer screen.  To that end, here’s a little about me.  My name is Stephany Wier and like the others, I am currently a stay at home mom.  This, however, is a completely new endeavor for me.  I graduated with a degree in Economics in 2004 and not knowing what else to do, I started my fateful career as a law student.  During my first semester, in between the stress, the eye blurring case law, and the realization that I did not want to be a lawyer, I met my husband, Colin.  A year ahead of me in school, he was everything I never knew I wanted.  He was down to earth with a sense of family, a sense of humor, and he didn’t take himself too seriously.  He was and is exactly what I needed.  After he graduated, we married, and when I finished school the next year, we moved to Cincinnati where he worked in a patent law firm and I ran screaming into the finance field.  In 2010, we were blessed with our first little boy, Ian, and life has been a roller coaster of fun ever since.  He is a happy, intelligent, and oh-so-energetic little guy that keeps us on our toes.  Life is never dull with Ian around!  Then one day in 2011, Colin got a random phone call from a recruiter about a job opportunity in Houston, TX and a few months later I found myself moving 1200 miles away from my family and slowly assuming the role of a stay at home mom.  2012 brought even more good fortune our way as we were blessed with our second little boy, Declan.  He is the happiest, most good-natured, and humble little baby I have ever met.  Sometimes I feel like he smiles at me just because I need it at that precise moment!  Until recently, I had always seen myself as a successful, career driven woman trying to raise a family and have it all.  Now, I’m a stay at home mom trying to raise a family and have it all!  I hope that through this blog, I can share with you a few minutes of my day, some of my experiences, and maybe even a few laughs!

So now that you know us, please be sure to stop back by and see what we have to say. With such a variety of topics to discuss, we’re sure to peak your interest somehow. Also, please be sure to interact with us. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our blog and any ideas for future posts you may have. We’re excited to share our lives with you and hope you enjoy our tips, truths, and tales!


7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. You guys have no idea how excited I am for this! You are all such amazing women and I hope to some day to be half as motivated as you three! You are all so successful in so many ways its truly inspiring! I will be a dedicated reader!

  2. Hi girls! Looking forward to reading your blog!
    Your cousin who didn’t know we were cousins until I made it to adulthood, pulled my head out of the sand and put the pieces together! 🙂 (What are we anyway…3rd cousins? I just know we’re connected somehow and I love ya.)

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